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“The things in our heads are very important, we just don’t talk about them enough.” Anxiety, stress, and sadness are normal, healthy aspects of life; however, when societal stigma keeps us from talking about issues the resulting silence is anything but healthy. Text, Talk, Act, is aiming to break this silence, and cultivate a conversation around mental health.

In our three part series we meet people working on the front lines towards this goal. Their voices are joined by the text messages of Text, Talk, Act participants, who have taken part in the conversation to make a difference. The talk around mental health is personal, powerful, and raw, and hearing it might just cause you to act.

In part one, we meet Basant, Kayhl, Krystal, and Tim, who will be our guides throughout the series. They outline the Text, Talk, Act process and illustrate the program's unique qualities. Their reflections on the state of social awareness around mental health issues show us the power of, and need for, improved education. The importance of diversity is discussed, illuminating the inclusive nature of Text, Talk, Act. Part one concludes by affirming the role of this initiative in raising awareness, and the speakers encourage us to join the conversation.

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